Moving Target Photography

Specializing in Making Great Pictures of High Speed Activities

Services and Pricing:

We believe each of our jobs is unique, so we have no "pre-packaged" offerings.  The best way to find out if we can help you is to contact us and discuss the specifics of your situation and needs. 

Most of our work centers around events (airshows, regattas, races, etc.) and we've found that generally full-day or multi-day contracts are the best solution.  However, we are very flexible in arrangements, and make every effort to accommodate your needs.  For example, many outdoor photo-opportunities are weather dependent, and we can arrange for "on call" engagements to maximize the chance of getting the perfect conditions.

We are very flexible about image format and type of post-processing.  For example, depending on your needs, we can produce images optimized for web-viewing at a particular size, or color and exposure corrected high-resolution images that you can resize and sharpen as needed, or even the original camera-raw files.  We will work with you to make sure the images you get are exactly what you need.

Like our services, we've found that pricing is also usually best customized to each specific engagement; please contact us to discuss your specific situation.  For example, whenever possible we try to support non-profit organizations (ex. EAA chapters or museums) with discounted rates.  Our standard commercial rates are $150/hr or $500/day, plus expenses; we charge $50/hr for post-processing.  Stock photo rates depend on the specific image, its ultimate use, and details of licensing; we generally follow industry trends.